2023 Manifesto (+ How to Navigate My Medium Page)

6 min readJan 18, 2023

I’ll read the bottom Manifesto every day during 2023 until I hit a 30k month

Introduction (Guide To My Medium):

Thanks for visiting my Medium page. First, I barely curate my medium account and its posts. Which means, I just post whatever I want to post, whenever I feel like it, without much editing, and sometimes I don’t complete the posts due to my hectic schedule.

Unlike many folks on Medium, I have no interest in being a professional “writer” (other than doing copywriting for others for a hefty fee/businesses I’ll own). I just want to be “rich,” so I am not a slave to the system: work to pay bills. I think I’ve barely started to escape that stage, (I have location freedom, thanks to freelancing), but I’m not completely out of the rat race yet.

You may ask why, if I don’t want to be a writer, I write on Medium? I post stuff here this to reinforce my own learning and to quickly take notes on topics I’m interested in. And then I realized some of you guys (beginner freelancers) find my posts useful.

To those beginner freelancers and entreprenuers: I’ll tell you that it’s more about the mindset, than your particular niche. All of these niches can make a lot of money. It’s about how you reorganize your life to win in those niches.

I thank everyone for following me and showing interest in topics I write about. I see a lot of you are interested in freelancing, entreprenuership and dopamine detox. Yes, I am a professional freelancer: paralegal, Top tier technical and legal translator (top rated plus on UpWork), digital marketer and “junior” full stack laravel developer. I’m also a 20% partner in a Vape distribution company and am in charge of marketing. I’m currently rolling up a small digital marketing company. So far, I’ve done my outreach via UpWork, and word of mouth, but I plan on hiring a cold DM team as well as a cold email outreach team.

I’m in my early 30’s and I’m fairly ambitious, although my life has not been rose gardens. I take responsibility for anything bad and good that’s happened.

I currently live in the Domincan Republic. The rent is cheap, and this gives me a competitive advantage. My rent is currently around $400 for a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment with private security, a community pool and a gym (although I have a home gym in my living room in lieu of a dining table).

I’m here because this country gives me a competitive advantage. Perhaps, when my competitors start making money, they go and buy the Mercedes, the $6,000/month apartment, and the Rolex, and their expenses are $10–12,000/month before they see any profits. I, on the other hand, can keep my expenses well below that and use any leftover money towards building cash reserves or on more advertising, hiring better freelancers to help me and etc.

Oh, and I speak native English, so there’s no point in me living in New Jersey, which is where I’ve lived for the past 15 years before moving to DR.

My biggest challenge is overcoming YouTube and Porn addiction. I deliberately have no family around me, and no friends (other than those that work with me). I don’t use drugs or alcohol or any other vices for that matter, and this includes coffee.

I feel as if I overcome THAT vice, (more YouTube than porn, since porn only takes up maybe 10 minutes a day, max 20), and put all of my waking hours into work/study/exercise, I can get to where I want.

I don’t have kids, I’m not married. There was a girl I was in love with (and would have probably married) a few years back, but it didn’t work out. It was a good relationship, and since then I’ve become a bit jaded because she’s raised my standards too high to the point where … I really don’t give a fxck about dating and crap. First, I’ll escape the system, then I’ll look for something like that. By the way, if she calls, I’m flying there tomorrow.

So M.O.B. (Money over Bx), which is a name of a set of a Blood Gang by the way (no relation), M.O.B., this is what this channel is about. And it should be M.O.B. until your cash flow is around $15k+/month anyways, because you want to buy things without looking at the price tag when you’re having fun, man or woman. (Although a beautiful woman doesn’t have to have a lot of money, I have no sympathy for men who don’t aspire to gather resources).

Anyways, I want to share a quick “win” I’ve made towards the beginning of 2023.

Before I start bragging a bit:

I “wasted” 10+ years of my life being a dummy. My death is imminent, it’s a fact. Nobody lives long.

Although I’ve been on this earth for more than 3 decades, I’m not satisfied with where I am in life. I plan on changing that this year of 2023.

This year’s off to a good start. The time period between 12/23/2022 and 1/16/2023 has been satisfying: I’ve made enough to cover my rent for a year + food in the last 23 days. To be exact, the gains were around $7,900 freelancing. $7,225 from one source, $675 from a quick flip, and made $5 here, $23 there.

For my medium readers.

While it may not impress the lawyers of this world, it’s massive money for a country like the Domincan Republic. I plan on keeping up this winning streak by doing the following every week:

> 40 Hours towards a MAIN paid effort. (Mon — Friday, two 4 hour deep work sessions a day)

> 30 Hours towards a SIDE educational or “building up a secondary hustle” kidn of effort. (2 hours a day M-F, 10 hours a day Sat, Sun)

> Social Media is allowed ONLY between 6pm to 7pm.

> Read this manifesto below every day

> Exercise every day (right now I’m doing a quick 10–20 minute strength routine, followed by a 15 minute jog, followed by 5 minutes of waving my arms like an angel to activate muscles in the back of my shoulders, followed by a cold shower followed by 30 minutes of stretching).

> Cold shower when I wake up and after exercise. (Although I prefer hot showers, this DR water, with all its chlorine, is giving me rashes. Cold showers seem to eliminate them. In addition, if I can’t endure a “cold shower” … how can I expect to do entreprenuerial shit?)

> 1 Hour dedicated to “cleaning” every day after waking up.

> 1 hour alloted to cooking every day.

The Manifesto (Read aloud).

Hi there. Read this manifesto aloud and read it true. The world is not a fair place. All power is corrupt. Think about all the scums of the earth who did you dirty. You know who they are.

If you can’t overcome your addictions, you can’t get money and power. Maybe you can, but it will delay its acquisition and you won’t get it in the levels you need to bring justice to yourself.

Look in the mirror. Look at it true. Is God proud of you? Are your ancestors proud of you? Did they go through all this nonsense, just for you to give up?

Look, you know the endeavors that you failed in. This is your last swing at the big stuff. Swing hard and swing true. Don’t let YouTube beat you. Follow the routine, even incels like Lex Friedman (with all due respect to him, he gives me that vibe and he self admits it) are following a disciplined routine.

Let’s read these constraints aloud:

> 10 hours of deep work a day.

> > Two 4 hour sessions

> > One two hour session

>> Work out daily

>> Social media permitted only between 6pm to 7pm

Memento Mori. I will die soon. Do I want to have regrets while laying on my deathbed? I suppose not. I shall keep following my routine until I hit a $30k/month. Then I’ll regroup and think of having just a bit of fun.




I apologize if my medium articles are all over the place, but I am writing more to organize my thoughts and for my own learning. Maybe one day I’ll organize it.