Announcement: Those who are interested in finally making some money in freelancing and have read my article [Coaching Program]

3 min readFeb 10, 2023

Hi folks,

I guess this one post about going from $2–4000/month to unlimited freelance work that I’ve made gotten me a bunch of followers & you guys expressed much interest in it.

Basically, just to show you guys I not only talk the talk, but I walk the walk [Within 6 weeks]:



If you can’t see the deadlines, or the amounts, you can download the pic and zoom in. Details of the job redacted due to NDA.

I’m expecting another $10,000 batch to be assigned soon. So that’s $20,000 in 2 months [Tax Free, since I’m a South Korean citizen living overseas]

Also, I’m Top Rated Plus on UpWork now, and I’ve got a digital marketing agency going. We charge weekly and monthly fees for promotion:

That’s outsourced to two VAs in Pakistan, and is bringing me money as well.

Website for agency launching soon and I’ll be scaling:

Website for translation B2B:

So what’s the announcement? Here it is — — Mentorship Program Announcement:

Honestly, all of the knowledge in the world is available on YouTube and Google. You can research anything you’d like, however, sometimes people just want to be coached and for someone to hold their hand.

However, if you’d like me to mentor you 1:1, on freelancing [finding your niche, cold email marketing, setting up a website, running ads I think the following fee is fair [which is what coaches charge on]:

> $100/month

> You get one reply a day via Telegram answering any questions, giving suggestions, motivating you, holding you accountable, structuring your life [quitting YouTube, social media, television and hobbies until you succeed].

> One 30 minute coaching call a week.

> Refund guarantee:

  • * You can try it out for a week, and if you don’t think my coaching is worth it, I’ll refund you, no questions asked.

How to sign up:

Message me on Telegram: simpsdotbiz

Initiate a conversation with me on UpWork:


  • How are payments handled:

> Handled upfront via payoneer, paypal, cryptocurrency or UpWork [If you need escrow].

  • What will you be teaching?

Whatever skill you have, I’ll teach you how to reach out to companies/clients and on how to convince them to pay you $.

If your skills are weak, or if your life is unstructured, I’ll teach you how to do a dopamine detox [eliminating any youtube, social media, television, hobbies], hold you accountable to doing exercise, and aligning yourself in a way that’s geared towards success.

Niche analysis

Accountability coach

General advice in general

For digital marketing agency wannabees, I’ll coach you on how to get your first client and on what books to read

  • How will I know if it’s a good fit for me?

You try it out for a week. If you don’t think it was worth it, you ask for a refund. It’s a no risk proposition for you, but a somewhat risky proposition for me, since I may be wasting my time, but it’s okay. Not only do I want to help people, I only want to work with people that seriously want to get to places in life. Who knows what we can do together if you start making money online? Perhaps we can coordinate.




I apologize if my medium articles are all over the place, but I am writing more to organize my thoughts and for my own learning. Maybe one day I’ll organize it.