Cardio & Bite Sized Meals: The Secret To Billing Long Hours (Nightmare Mode #2)

  1. Cut food (especially meats) into tiny pieces: It was necessary for me to eat bite-sized meals, especially protein, while working. For meat, I use a kitchen knife to chop it up into extremely small bits. The smaller the pieces, the more surface area these pieces are exposed to stomach acids. Coupled with #2 below, this has helped me reduce the number of minutes I feel lethargic after a meal to virtually 0.
  2. Small bite sized meals: I would eat a tiny amount of food, just enough to not feel extremely weak, until daily billing is done. Digestion occurs almost immediately for a smaller meal.
  3. Exercise immediately after working after another bite sized meal: physical fitness enables me to maintain posture for the longer hours.
  4. Always include cardio: There are two activities that I hate most in life. These are cardio and stretching. However, including sprint laps after the exercise has doubled my mental alertness during my work hours. Even chess champion and Sports Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion Josh Waitzkin talks about this.
  1. Do sprint laps
  2. Chop up food (especially meats) into extremely tiny pieces using a kitchen knife and a cutting board
  3. Eat bite sized meals while working/billing. (barely enough to make you not feel week)
  4. Exercise immediately after filling your billing quota
  5. Always include intense cardio (like sprint laps)
  6. Do the plow position for at least 5 minutes
  7. Drink the Apple Cider + honey drink that Tim Ferriss reccomends
  8. Clean your area thereafter. If your area is beautiful, according to Dr. Jordan Peterson, you develop a relationship with said beauty which you will encounter every day. I’m not sure if I relayed his message correctly, but that’s basically how I understood it.




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