How D.I. built a $20,000/month OnlyFans Account in 30 Days as an OnlyFans manager

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Lessons learnt from D.I.

(Disclaimer: Not For Educational purposes. I’m just taking notes on lessons learned about this business model. Obviously OnlyFans is haram, and you should not follow the advice in this article nor should you watch or do OnlyFans. However, if you already know about this business model, perhaps this article will bring value to you).

In this article, I will break down how D.I. grew an OnlyFans account model from $0 to $20,000/month as the account manager within the first 30 days of managing the account. I will mostly focus on the technical side of things.

Acquiring the Model

Four months ago, when he first started learning about the business, he started running traffic services to OnlyFans models in November. He did so using Reddit and dating apps. Starting out, he would contact small creators in Reddit and subscribe to their OnlyFans profile …

and he messaged them offering them free subscribers every single day.

He did this to test his promotional strategies without any loss to the creator or to myself. This way, D.I. could test these strategies before fully diving into OnlyFans management.

The Dating Apps He Started With

D.I. started off with Tinder and Reddit. In the first month, he completely failed and couldn’t drive any traffic to anyone. In the second month, he switched over to Bumble while learning Bumble traffic.

The Rest Of The Story

There was a particular creator he was working with. She was making about $1,000 / month. She would be his main source of testing his traffic strategies. Around the end of the second month, he started to perfect the bumble traffic system and he was able to bring 5–10 subs to the OnlyFans page daily.

The creator was quite happy about it, being a small creator on Reddit. On the third month, D.I. really refined his traffic strategies. He asked the model he was working with, if she had a second OnlyFans account. She did not.

  • The proposal to create a second OnlyFans Account for the model (to reduce the risk to her)

So D.I. proposed to her that he create a second OnlyFans account for her, drive traffic to it, and do all the chatting. This way, he gets to keep her current OnlyFans profile, and D.I. would only be bringing in extra income through a second OnlyFans account.

She agreed, and they signed a 50/50 split after marketing expenses. Overall, this would come to around 65/35.

  • Is this model of providing free value to the model risky?

Yes, this method of finding the model, providing value for free, and then signing her afterwards, isn’t that common. However, it’s an excellent way for beginners to learn how to drive traffic to the model before learning how to manage her full-on.

This way, when he actually starts managing a model (this was his first management model, by the way), D.I. is able to start off strong.

  • What Traffic Source Was Used To Scale The Model?

Throughout these 30 days, D.I. only used Bumble as his traffic source. He picked Bumble because he perfected his Bumble system and wanted to focus using that acquisition channel. He also did not want his attention diverted, on trying to acquire users via TikTok, Reddit, Tinder, etc.

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