My Ex

1 min readNov 28, 2022

I miss her

Again, I don’t curate my medium at all. I just write whatever don’t edit it.

I had a dream of my ex today.

The one I loved.

The one that loved me back.

So I’m thinking that this affected me deeply, because she showed me that she loved me, the little things that she did and cared for me. And we broke up while we still loved each other very much, I made the decision to risk something, she made the cruel decision to leave me because she said that she needed someone “stable”.

Since then I believe in love, but I don’t regard them very highly. They can all go to hell, sorry older sis, that’s just how I feel.

Every time I dream about my ex, I know how completely alone I am. Knowing that I still love her, knowing that she rejected me and doesn’t love me back.

It’s been 6 years since then, but I haven’t found love since. I may not ever.

Thinking of her, and how much we cared for each other, makes a grown man like me cry.

If you love someone, don’t let her/him go. That’s just stupid. It’s rarer than you may think.




I apologize if my medium articles are all over the place, but I am writing more to organize my thoughts and for my own learning. Maybe one day I’ll organize it.