Not Listening To Music While I Work

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This is probably why you’re not successful in your freelance gig or your side hustle. This is the Missing Ingredient To “Nightmare Mode” and other things I explained here.

Ok guys, so I figured this out recently.

According to the book “Deep Work” it takes about 15 minutes to get into a flow state. Music, unfortunately, changes songs and interrupts that process. Especially music with lyrics.

Some UpWork hourly workers turn on “motivational speeches” and podcasts while they work. They figure, hmm… since I’m being paid by the hour, I may as well “learn something” while I work.

Absolute garbage, this is absolute garbage. You’re just shortchanging yourself.

While you work, you want to deprive your brain of as much stimulation as possible so the work becomes fun. When you’re constantly being distracted by these motivational speeches, it takes longer for you to complete the job.

In addition, you want to complete the job as quickly as possible. First, milking the client for hours is unethical. Assuming, arguendo, that you’re an unethical person, you still want to finish the task as quickly as possible, because you want to (a) improve your ratings and (b) try to get to your free time as soon as possible so you can learn a skill or build a business so you stop trading time for money.

So you want to starve your brain of stimulation, so it gets bored. Then the brain embraces boredom and the work becomes interesting. Then the work becomes fun. That’s the basis of dopamine detox theory. In that regard, listening to music while you work robs you of your potential success.

So what is recommended?

  • For certain tasks that require you to listen to your own thoughts (e.g. translation, coding, writing), I recommend complete silence while you work. As a matter of fact, I recommend that you don’t turn on music for most tasks.
  • An alternative to silence is called binarual beats. Look them up on YouTube and download a good binarual beat. Try to find one that doesn’t have a melody and consists of pure buzzing.
  • For certain tasks that are a bit repetitive, like certain coding tasks (e.g. turning HTML into blade files in laravel) you CAN listen to music without lyrics. The ONLY site I recommend is and I recommend limited use of this site.
  • For certain completely USELESS REPETITIVE tasks that does not require any thought, yes, you can listen to a podcast or music with lyrics (e.g. rap music) while you work. For example, sometimes I must complete a translation and copy each section in for a good 30 minutes. During this time, yes, you can listen to a podcast. But you must be disciplined about it. When you’re done with the task, you must be strict with yourself and stop.

I see many beginner freelancers and entreprenuers here talking about “methods” and “which method to use.” All of these methods (shopify, blogging, freelancing, Amazon FBA) they all work.

The problem is you. At least, for me, the problem was me. I wasn’t utilizing my time in the most optimal way. So I didn’t get massive output for my time, so I didn’t get rewarded for my time. The way to get rewarded for your time is:

  • Sit down in a room
  • Do ONE thing
  • Don’t do ANYTHING else
  • Don’t turn on other screens
  • Do one thing at a time from start to finish without interruption. Don’t switch between tasks.
  • Don’t listen to music or distracting crap while you work.
  • Work in 4 hour+ intervals, so you get in a flow state. Don’t “eat” or munch on snacks while you work. If you get a bit hungry, that’s fine. People can survive for a week without food. Your brain doesn’t like it, but getting a bit hungry improves your focus. It puts you in “hunt mode” when our ancestors were hunter gatherers. For more information on this topic, look up SIM LAND on YouTube.

The music part, I have been missing out on. I know I have certain people who read the ramblings I write, I wanted to share this with you real quick.

Questions? Comment. I’ll expand this article or write another one.

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